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...that is NEIL PATRICK HARRIS and DANIEL HANDLER (aka LEMONY SNICKET) taking a copy of "The Elephants of Art" home to their kids! I meet a couple of stars by chance at the NYC Book Expo...and they went home with my autograph!!




Author Presentation Package

Author Visits

Invite the elephants to your school, library, clubs, etc. Custom made events include story time, art activities, themed parties, interviews, book signings and more! 

Thanks to @SteveAdubato for his gracious invite to appear on One on One. We discuss the book, the elements, the importance of fun in learning and shared

a few memories of growing up in North Jersey!

The interview aired this past April with future re-air dates to come​.

Click here to view!



Story time and themed parties always include an art project filled with lines, shapes, colors & texture!

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"Art is fun. It is a time to be messy and get creative. Art if full of colors, textures, and messy play. It is one of the most important things we can expose our children to, and a local woman & artist, Jo O'Mara, is helping us to take the education of art one step further with our kids..."


Past Event

Author Visit & Art Fun!

June 29th, 2017-Hoboken, NJ

This event filled in one day!

Looking forward to more visits

Art + Science...How Cool is This!

A fellow art teacher passed this note along:

"Please pass this along to your friend Jo O'Mara as her book has inspired Catherine to participate in the Union City Science Fair as a 1st Grader!  This is what she will be presenting on:


Title: Elements of Art

Hypothesis:  Art is created by using the 7 elements.

Purpose:  To demonstrate/show how art is created by combining the elements. 

Results: Line, Shape, Color, Value, Form, Space, Texture

Conclusion:  Elements work together to make art.


Thank you again for making such a positive impact on Catherine's life!"

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science fair2.jpg

Congratulations Catherine



As school budgets decrease throughout the country, one of the first programs sent to the chopping block is usually art. The arts, from painting to graphic design, are often neglected in schools when compared to math, science, reading and writing, and even other vocational studies. But one New Jersey teacher, writer and artist argues that art is a crucial aspect of our existence, which is why she wrote The Elephants of Art. Read More...

Author Event Oct 29, 2019


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